24/08/16: What I will miss

mom-1403724_1920.jpgWhen I am one day no longer a parent of little people I will probably actually miss many of the things that I take for granted and some that even drive me crazy! So I decided to try to be more conscious of these moments…..

Not knowing where anything is as things constantly get moved around and thrown away by little people who have just discovered the bin or have the attention span of gold fish

Doing puzzles minus a couple of pieces

Having little feet pressed firmly into my back or an arm flung carelessly over my face while I try to sleep

Silly giggles, and funny, farty noises

Little hands that reach up and slip into mine as if they have always and will always belong just there

Being a hero

Being a princess

Having the ability to kiss everything better

Being called a thousand times a day, often repeatedly, many times in one minute

Putting a lot of effort into food that gets spat out or surreptitiously fed to the dog

Being called to come and “Look at the poo I made Mom” (!)

Splashing in swimming pools, dog bowls and baths that become endlessly entertaining

Building sand castles and not minding having sand EVERYWHERE

Receiving little scribbles on pieces of paper which portray the most magical of worlds as well as being declarations of love

Bikes being ridden around the house, under the table, into the dogs and over my feet

The shout of “heyo Mommy” every time I enter a room, even if I only left the room 10 minutes before

I may even miss scribbles and paint on every conceivable surface (and I am sure that in years to come there will still be evidence of those that the most vigorous scrubbing could not clean off! Just a little reminder…..)