Conscious Parenting Diary


I thought that seeing as I am about to give birth to my second child that it would be nice to begin a conscious parenting diary in which I can use my experiences to apply the practice of conscious living to parenting. I would like for this to be real and to cover the challenges and joys of being a conscious parent to a newborn and beyond. I have had practice with my toddler and so it will be interesting to see how much more conscious and aware I am as a parent this time around. I certainly do not expect that others will share my views and hope that this could perhaps even serve as a forum for discussion of some of the points that are covered. We mothers are often not very honest with each other (in fact I don’t think women are very honest about their difficulties in general). So, mostly, I hope that this blog will help parents to see how normal they are for feeling and experiencing what they are experiencing and to perhaps provide some tools in managing their experiences to be more present, confident and joyful if possible!


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